Focalfish Submission Guidelines

Focalfish accepts great fly fishing photographs from anyone who’s passionate about photography and fly fishing.  We don’t care if you’re shooting a Pro level DSLR or using your iPhone.  As long as they’re great shots.  While we encourage anyone to submit images, we do edit them according to our tastes.  Here are some things that we consider when looking at reader submitted photo’s:

  • Is the picture in focus?
  • Is the image framed properly?
  • Did you send it in the right format and size?
  • How interesting is the content?
  • Did you include some descriptive text?

If you would like to submit a photo or video to Focalfish, please send us an email with your query.  We’re happy to publish any photo’s and/or video’s you may have created, as long as they fit within the design of Focalfish and are fly fishing related.

Photos need to be at least 1000 px wide, and should be the highest quality possible.  Please do not watermark images unless you are a professional photographer.  We’re looking for the best images, not just anything.  Subject matter and composition are key. Does that mean you need a DSLR?  Absolutely not.  Today’s point and shoot systems take some great images, and iPhones can produce great images in the right hands. If you do submit images, here’s what we need:

  • Images should be at least 1000px wide, and preferably cropped at 3:2.
  • All images need to be cropped in the same aspect to be used in a slideshow, and shot or cropped in a “landscape” perspective (that’s “sideways” to the rookies).
  • Portrait (or “up and down”) images and image sets not cropped in the same ratio (3:2, 4:3, 16:9) will be shown in the text area and will pop-up in a lightbox when clicked.  We never crop images sent to us by pro’s, but we reserve the right to crop unsolicited images to make them work in the slideshows.
  • Some email programs automatically resize your images.  Make sure yours does not before sending us images.
  • Post processing is always a good idea.  Remember that a little saturation and contrast are usually good for images viewed on a monitor.
  • Don’t forget some text so readers can learn a little about the you, the charcters, the scene, the fishing conditions, why you dropped your camera in the river, etc.

Post Processing

Most images are post-processed, as they should be.  Make sure and crop and adjust your image to your own tastes.  Did you overdo the saturation?  Is the exposure correct?  Remember that web images are viewed on many different monitors and can look dramitically different from computer to computer.  Web images generally look a bit better with a touch of contrast and saturation, often referred to as “puchy”.  Just don’t overdo it.  It’ll freak your Dad out when he’s looking at it on his ’97 Dell.

If you have any questions about how to edit or submit your images, please feel free to email us.

Videos need to be hosted, preferably on Vimeo.  Only HD videos will be published.  Video’s can be 10 seconds to 3 minutes in length, but we’re looking for high quality “moving pictures”.  Short (even just seconds) and great videos will trump longer ones.

We are looking for original content, not videos that have been on Youtube for 3 years and have 10,000 views.  We expect that video will be edited with sound (preferably some tunes!).  Bring your tripod!  Send us your Vimeo link and we will take a look.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Raisler or John Arnold at Focalfish.

Email all links and images to


All images property of the indlividual photographer. None of the images associated with focalFISH are public domain and all images within cannot be used without permission of the individual photographer.

Administrator of focalFISH reserves the right to refuse any image for any reason. Just so you know. focalFISH does not acquire rights to your image, but may possess it for future use on focalFISH. Submit in w/ file size about 1mb, and either 1000 pixel width or height.