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Awakening | Another Day in Montana Spring
11:16 pm , 03.25.2013 0
Posted in: Mark Raisler

Montana Spring Time. Awakenings. Trout, bugs, birds, anglers, the sun. Good bye snow and hello color. Color returns in the spring and we encourage it. Awakenings in both mind and spirit. Cliche? Of course, and why not. Awakenings. Another Day in Montana Spring

Western Washington | Richard Raisler
10:39 pm , 03.06.2013 0

Western Washington is famous for coastal waters that produce both Salmon and Steelhead. Eagles, moss, and lots of casting are the common facets of this game. Winter angling is not for everybody. Standing knee to chest deep in frigid Steelhead runs negotiating slippery rocks in search of a Unicorn. But, then it happens. Something, a [...]