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Brian Kuchynka | A Life of Flies
11:22 pm , 02.21.2013 0

Like all fly-fisherman, winter presents that crappy time of the year when our rivers in Colorado are frozen over, the rivers that are productive are just to far out of the way, and it is #$@%$#% cold out there. So, it is time to get the boat repaired and readied for the coming year and [...]

Danny Frank | Delta Trout Force
11:02 pm , 02.21.2013 0
John Chaffee | Montana Images
8:22 pm , 02.12.2013 0

Submitted from Missouri River angler John Chaffee. Thanks John! I consider the Missouri River my home water and try to spend as much of my time there.  I enjoy being out and seeing all the different types of birds that live near the water. Also love seeing the trouts. All the fish, except for the [...]