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Mark Raisler | Montana Dreaming
1:59 pm , 01.30.2013 0
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Winter makes me think of summer. Winter temps make me cold, therefore thinking of summer. Blue skies and bugs warm my soul. Therefore, these pics help me through the winter months of snow, sleet, rain, ice, wool socks, down jackets, toques, mittens…you know the drill. So, hope this infuses some warmth into your day!  

Osprey |
1:29 am , 01.22.2013 1

Watch this. We have Ospey on the Missouri, but many of us do not get quite this close. Nice camera work from those Brits across the pond.

What Can Browns Do For You? | YGF
6:40 pm , 01.13.2013 0

A short one from Ivan on his continuing saga of GoPro videos. What Can Browns Do For You is quite entertaining. We like Ivan Orsic here on focalFISH. Check out more of his stuff here on his Vimeo site.