Monthly Archives: December 2012

Robert Prince | Cutthroat
7:06 pm , 12.29.2012 0

Small Streams and Cutthroats Every year the summer and falls months are much looked to. While the big Montana Rivers are full of anglers chasing tales of giant browns and rainbows. Instead I will be spending many of my days wading the small streams. Tenkara rod in hand, drifting big dries to eager cutthroats. You [...]

Hatch | Gin Clear Media
10:06 am , 12.26.2012 0

A film documenting the world’s most extraordinary insect hatches and the fantastic fly fishing that accompanies them. The first fly fishing film to be shot on a RED One Camera. A Gin-Clear Media production. Pick up the the full legth video at your local fly fishing retailer. Check out their Vimeo site here. Happy Holidays [...]

Montana Winter | Mark Raisler
5:15 pm , 12.23.2012 0

Montana winters bring us much to cheer about. Short days with no interference from others. Long runs without any other creatures, except possibly a goldeneye paddling by. Streamer fishing can be just fantastic. The slower pace allows one to think…lots. Letting the subconscious take over and the rhythm of the cast dictate your heart rate. [...]

Flatland Fly Fisherman | Transition
12:44 am , 12.12.2012 0

A short film combining many days that I should have been in class with hours I could have been studying. Fly fishing and film/photography are some of my passions and I figured I could put something together to document the beauty of the Kansas River, beyond the tires and car batteries. If you like it, [...]

Greg Wilson | Bamboo, Hardy's, and Montana
7:01 pm , 12.08.2012 0

If you believe, as did Norman Maclean’s father, that fly casting is an art, then fly fishing with a bamboo rod just makes sense.  However, we are so far removed from the time that bamboo was the only material used for fly rods, some people might be surprised to learn that bamboo rods can be [...]

Anthony Reinhardt | Fall 2012
10:24 pm , 12.03.2012 0

From Fires Season to Fall:  Western Montana was plagued by forest fires during late summer.  Smokey skies make for pretty pictures but they scare a lot of anglers off. The dirty little secret is that fire years offer great fishing.  The smoke acts as artificial cloud cover and critter sized trout make mistakes under these [...]