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Don't ask me where I've been | Ivan Orsic as Yukon Goes Fishing
1:46 pm , 11.26.2012 0

Ivan is awesome. Puts out lots of video and we here at focalFISH like it all. Thanks for taking so long to finish your Thesis Ivan. We appreciate it greatly. More than you could ever know. You can keep up with Yukon Goes Fishing here on his primary website. How ’bout his FB Page, and [...]

Depth Perception Video | Scumliner Media
7:13 pm , 11.23.2012 0
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This has been out a long time and viewed over 11k times. It is an easy and fun reminder of summer in Montana. Scumliner Media shot and produced this short caddis film. Squeeky Oar Lock and Ben Hardy of Headhunters Fly Shop on a post work fish. Summertime is the best time for fishing and [...]

Fall Images | Mark Raisler
8:12 pm , 11.18.2012 0
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Images from the fall are fantastic. The fall and low angle light is really adds magic to the photos. I love this time period. Shorter days, fabulous fishing, and a time where friends, fowl, and fish keep us busy. “It’s easy to get lots of great shots in the fall,”  says Mark. “Just keep your [...]