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Cameron Mortenson | TFM and more!
10:42 am , 04.15.2012 0

Cameron is known to most of you from his terrifically popular Fiberglass Manifesto Blog. He takes photos too. And we here at FocalFISH dig that. Cameron is a reviewing master and only fishes with Glass. Like he once said, we flirt with it…he fishes it every time he fishes. Everytime. We met Cameron at the [...]

Spring Hatches | Mark Raisler
2:19 pm , 04.06.2012 0
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Hatches are what keep fly fishermen happy. The constant perpetuation of the life cycles is an interesting deal. Lots of stages that the nymph anglers are interested in. The dry fly gang could care less about larvae, pupal imitations, and emerges…well sometimes the emergent bugs spark a smile. The real fun shit happens when the [...]