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Austin Traysor | Winter Mousing | Depuy's Spring Creek
9:29 pm , 02.24.2012 1

Molly Seminik is a well known fly casting instructor and many have learned a pile about flyfishing from her. Here she is fishing with Austin Traysor on Livingston’s famous Depuy’s Spring Creek. Yes, it fishes well in the winter too. Just nobody around. So, it’s good if you like that sort of thing. Enjoy this [...]

Patrick Willauer | Olympic Peninsula
1:48 pm , 02.20.2012 1

With January only a couple days away, I’ve been thinking about my annual trip to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. For the past few years I’ve gone out there to fish with my older brother. Its always a great time he rows me around, ties on my flies, buys the beer and even verbally assaults me when [...]

Bend It | Bryan Huskey Video
2:08 pm , 02.16.2012 0
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This cool post from Bryan Huskey. Bryan was an original contributor to focalFISH way back. Way back last year in the first permutation of focalFISH. Now Bryan is back and rocking it out with this GoPRo video. Most of the world saw it a couple months ago, now it is your turn. Bryna is the [...]

Erich Bittmann | 2 Handed Madness
1:42 pm , 02.12.2012 0

2 Handed rods are certainly more popular than they were several years ago. Now there are Switch Rods, Spey Rods…and a bunch of other sticks that confuses the single handed crowd. Why would you use a 2 Handed Rod? Well, just ask someone who chooses the long rod and he/she will tell you. Long used [...]

Hopeless Addict | Matt Guymon
1:57 pm , 02.08.2012 1

As a flyfishing junkie and, hopeless romantic this sport has had me in a trance for the better part of my adult life. Living in Utah I am blessed with the beauty of the Wasatch mountains and all four seasons to chase my dreams on the water. Though I have not lived here my whole [...]

Hunter Jones | Bahamas Video
7:22 pm , 02.04.2012 0

The video was shot in Eleuthera, Bahamas by my wife Anna.  We were escaping winter weather here in DC (wait, what winter??).  We used a Canon PowerShot D10.It’s a point and shoot so apologies for the less than HD video quality but it was a great waterproof camera for the trip.  No editing on the [...]