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Fredrick Sears | NW Warmwater
12:34 am , 01.31.2012 1

To tell the truth I have never even seen a Bonefish. Nor have I ever had the chance to wade into those incredible clear tropical waters, wading across the flats to that equally incredibly blue ocean looking for Bonefish. When winter dreams turn to fishing I think about local waters, places I can fish in [...]

Video | Steelhead Camp | Ian Majszak & Bryan Gregson
4:24 pm , 01.27.2012 1

Ian & Bryan are indie film makers and you may be seeing more of their Detonation Studios stuff around. You certainly do, you just have to become aware. We met Ian at an industry party last year. The SIMMS Ice Out event in the spring. Ian & Bryan were one of 4 filmmakers picked to [...]

Offshore Gulf | Capt. Gjuro Bruer
8:20 pm , 01.23.2012 0
Posted in: Gjuro Bruer

Capt. Gjuro splits his time between chasing reds and sneaking up on laid up tarpon. His primary vehicle is one of a few flats boats that he seems to drift amongst. And occasionally, he catches a ride offshore. On this voyage they began in the never too oft time of before dawn. The ass crack [...]

Bill Delwiche | Rock Creek
8:09 pm , 01.20.2012 0

Hey focalFISH: Bill Delwiche here…..I heard of you fellas from a friend in Missoula & thought I would submit a few photos. I’ve been living at Rock Creek for about 18 months now after living my entire life in Green Bay,WI. First visited Rock Creek 10 years ago and since ’05 spent about 6 months [...]

Flies | Brian Kuchynka
9:29 am , 01.17.2012 2

Brian Kuchynka here again on focalFISH. Last time Brian submitted a trout essay. This time, these outstanding fly images. Fly Fishing has so many different facets. Some love to fish, some love to cast, and some love to tie. Which one of these do you fall in? What I do know is shooting images of [...]

Charles Craumer | Wyoming Winter
12:27 pm , 01.15.2012 1

Captain Charles Craumer of 307 Outfitters in Wyoming submitted these winter fly fishing images/photos. Fishing in the winter? Well, of course says Charles. Charles has been fishing for his entire life and is based out of Lander Wyoming. He offers all kinds of experiences from running around in jet boats to overnight trips.Why not travel [...]

Jess McGlothlin | Fire Girl Photography
12:09 am , 01.12.2012 3

These photos submitted by Jess of Fire Girl Photography. Jess shoots all kinds of subjects and once you recognize her work, you will start seeing her work in many publications. She has been published in American Angler, Outside Bozeman, Big Sky Journal, Cowboy’s and Indians and has had  several articles published too. A multi-talented gal, [...]

Mike Kuhnert | Montana
12:46 pm , 01.07.2012 0

Mike Kuhnert came to Montana like a lot of fishing guides do. Via the University program. He originally comes from the Bay area where he cut his teeth on bay fish as well as some Sierra Trout streams. Then off to Minnesota for a spell. When asked why he came out to Montana he clearly [...]

Mid-West Steelies | Tyler Cote
11:15 am , 01.02.2012 2

Hey focalFISH, I thought I’d send along some shots in B&W from a steelhead trip last season. Anglers are Mike DeCoteau, and Scott Overbey. Last January the mid-winter jones took hold and we got pretty itchy, so we booked cheap motel, loaded up the truck, and made the 8 hour drive to the Salmon River [...]