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Brian Kuchynka | Trout
5:05 pm , 12.28.2011 0

A neat reader submission today on focalFISH. Brian resides in Colorado but is not afraid to travel a little for the pursuit of trout. Focal Fish, Inspired by the likes of Mark Lance, Brett Seng, Headhunters and the other great photograghers featured on your site. I too have gotten the “bug” to get shots of [...]

Alaska & Kings
12:16 pm , 12.24.2011 0

EBitty with these great Alaskan images. The Kanektok River Alaska is the location fishing with Alaskan West. Fun times. Erich has been fishing these Alaskan waters for several years and while he fishes a single hander for trout, most of the time, he loves to spend the entire week with the double handed rods. Erich [...]

Is fly-fishing still fun?
1:57 pm , 12.20.2011 1
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Fishing is fun. Many try to make it difficult, pretentious drudgery. I for one will not let them ruin it for the rest of us. This series of fun fishing shots is testament to those who choose to make fishing part of their lives. Those who choose to use fishing a s a vehicle for [...]

Road Trips | Montana
4:27 pm , 12.14.2011 0
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Thanks to Jeff Chaffee who submitted these cool and fishy images from his trip to the Missouri River 2011. We like Jeff’s shots because they are creative and the fun emotion is conveyed nicely. Contrived shots always look a little, well contrived. He catches a few fish too. That always makes a fishing post stronger. [...]

Fishing Faces | Montana
11:06 pm , 12.11.2011 1
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A collection of fishing faces in greater Montana. All these cats got a story. Long and tumultuous. Sold the soul to the fishing devil. It should be fine, just fine. The common dark theme with fishing guides is they all have skeletons. And, you may not want to know about some. You don’t get this [...]

Tyler Cote | Maine
6:25 pm , 12.08.2011 0
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When most anglers think of Maine thoughts tend to turn towards bait busting stripers in the surf or brook trout in cold, clear, mountain streams for those with a sweetwater disposition. In reality, the best part of Maine angling isn’t any one specific thing. Yes there are stripers and brook trout, but in between the [...]

3:39 pm , 12.05.2011 0
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After the high of the catch leaves us, we still have another great feeling ahead of us. The Release. Kind of a religious experience for many of us. Letting the creature return to it’s watery environment. To swim freely again while avoiding that damn fly. The fake one. Images today from Mark Raisler who guides [...]

Steelhead Country
11:15 am , 12.03.2011 1
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Erich B graced us with these photos from this fall Steelheading in Idaho. Erich lives on the Missouri River…now. He lived in the Puget Sound area for his entire life and he and his wife moved out recently to get away from all of that city bullshit. Solace from the rat race and more time [...]