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Jumping Silver
3:39 pm , 11.30.2011 1
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Here’s a bunch of great jump shots by Capt. Gjuro Bruer.  Even though Gjuro see’s a lot of big Tarpon in the air every season, you still need to be ready with the camera to get shots like these.  He’s got lots more.  Enjoy…   [mappress mapid="17"]

Fall in Black & White
1:27 am , 11.28.2011 1
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Black and White is what I shoot when the colors are all wrong. Black and White seems so nice on those shitty, snowy, rainy, days without much in the way of texture. I have always loved shooting in B/W because it gives me a whole different mindset. A different reason to shoot. Sometimes the shots [...]

7:43 pm , 11.26.2011 0

Impressive images submitted by Filip Blaauw from Norway.  Filip shot these on a recent trip to the Kola Peninsula.  Here’s Filip’s descriptions in order: Blue salmon I was alone in Stone pool, when this salmon took my fly and most of my fly line. With the camera strapped to my shoulder, I shot a few pictures [...]

Thanks for the Eastside
10:35 pm , 11.23.2011 0

The first picture is from the Lower Grande Ronde. Typically this end of the river is stuffed full of fisherman who are way, way to serious. To buck the trend, we found a gigantic foam cowboy hat and my buddy Mike from Portland rocked it for most of the day. Got a few weird looks, but he still caught fish! I love this shot with Mike and my father as it looks Mike’s listening intently to some story from my dad, all while rocking the ridiculous hat…

6:47 am , 11.22.2011 1
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Regular Focalfish contributor and creator Mark Raisler contributes these images from a recent Redfishing trip to the Biloxi Marsh in SE Louisiana.  As you can see from the pictures, there’s plenty going on besides fly fishing for Redfish in the Marsh.  Commercial fishing is a huge business in Louisiana, and when you’re launching to go [...]

8:55 pm , 11.20.2011 1

This video has nothing to do with fly fishing, but Focalfish is all about imagery, and if you are at all a lover of photography and/or video there is no way you cannot appreciate this.  HDR timelapse video… a lot of work goes into something like this. We’re waiting for someone to submit a timelapse [...]

6:43 pm , 11.18.2011 1
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Regular contributor Capt Gjuro Bruer submitted these images from a trout fishing trip to Arkansas.  A real surprise to us.  We didn’t know Gjuro had ever been trout fishing before. Some really neat images here, showing a little more of the geography of the area, as opposed to the grip and grin hawg shots you [...]

Fishing at World's End
5:28 pm , 11.17.2011 0

Tierra Del Fuego – Argentina Previous contributors Nicolas and Luis from sent us these images from a trip to the Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. Pictures by Nicolás Schwint and Luis M. San Miguel Species: Sea run brown trout Fly fishing at the southernmost part of the world is demanding. The weather is [...]

The Moment
8:00 pm , 11.15.2011 0

It all started 25 years ago, a friend of mine invited me on a mountain fishing trip in northern Sweden. I bought myself some equipment and already at the first cast I was hooked. In a relatively early stage, I was also introduced to fly tying and photographing. Today everything goeshand in hand for me and I never travel without my camera and I fish exclusively with my own flies. So after two and a half decades…