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Rio Parana
10:16 pm , 10.31.2011 0

Argentinians Nicolas Schwint and Luis San Miguel sent these images from the Parana River. “The Parana river expands itself in a wide delta near Esquina, Corrientes Province in Northern Argentina. The array of channels and lagoons is endless, and Golden Dorado (Salminus maxillosus) and Wolf Fish (Hoplias malabaricus) are the targeted species for fly anglers. Pursuing both species [...]

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Stewart Gordon, owner of The Green Drake in Winston Salem, NC sent in these great close-ups of a couple of fish that made poor decisions.  While Stewart didn’t let us in on the “where”, I’m guessing that the Pike is a big Hockey fan, and that the Cutty wasn’t caught in the hills surrounding Stewart’s [...]

Patagonia | Alex Knull
7:30 am , 10.28.2011 1
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Alex Knull is the Outfitter and a partner in Patagonia River Guides North, with Rance Rathie and Travis Smith. He fishes, guides and takes pictures in the San Martin region of Patagonia. Born and raised in the area, Alex is among the most well known guides in Argentina.  His images portray the people and landscape [...]

Alaska | Brian Grossenbacher
1:54 pm , 10.21.2011 0

You should be accustomed to seeing Brian’s great Black/white images.  You’ve been seeing them in the Simms catalog for years.  His color images are just as spectacular.  His great eye always captures the feeling of the moment.  Brian has had a successful photography career in recent years, but still manages to guide all summer around [...]

Welcome to the New Focalfish
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Surprise!  So you thought we were going to let Focalfish die, did you?  Well we’re not, but we had a very busy summer with guiding pursuits, as did most of our contributors.  It was tough to get images from them and tough for us to find the time to update. As you can see, we’ve [...]

10:06 am , 10.12.2011 1

Dan Kauffman from San Diego, CA., submitted this collection of images from recent fly fishing trips to the Pacific Ocean, including pictures of fish you don’t typically think of when fishing the flats.  Dan spends as much time fly fishing in the Saltwater as any angler you’ll meet.  He takes some great photos along the [...]

6:41 pm , 10.11.2011 0

Zach Scott from the False Casts & Flat Tires blog in Missoula, MT., sent us these 2 scenic shots from this past season.  Zach spends a lot of time on lesser known waters near his home in Missoula, and his constantly honing his photographic skills.  We suspect his constantly honing his fly fishing skills as [...]

That's my Daughter
9:52 pm , 10.08.2011 0

John Arnold submitted these images of his daughter Adair fly fishing around their home in Cascade, Montana.  Adair does it all on her own, and favors an Echo Gecko rod with RIO Outbound Short flyline.  John favors his Panasonic GH2 and Leica 25mm f1.4 lens. I’m so fortunate to have a daughter who fishes.  No, [...]

Winter Jet
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John Arnold from Cascade, MT, submitted these images  from last winter.  Using a jet boat on the Missouri River during the winter is not something you would travel to do.  You do it because you live and Montana and there’s not much else to do.   Fishing and running is cold, but you can be [...]