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John Chaffee | Montana Images
8:22 pm , 02.12.2013 0

Submitted from Missouri River angler John Chaffee. Thanks John! I consider the Missouri River my home water and try to spend as much of my time there.  I enjoy being out and seeing all the different types of birds that live near the water. Also love seeing the trouts. All the fish, except for the [...]

Montana Winter | Mark Raisler
5:15 pm , 12.23.2012 0

Montana winters bring us much to cheer about. Short days with no interference from others. Long runs without any other creatures, except possibly a goldeneye paddling by. Streamer fishing can be just fantastic. The slower pace allows one to think…lots. Letting the subconscious take over and the rhythm of the cast dictate your heart rate. [...]

Depth Perception Video | Scumliner Media
7:13 pm , 11.23.2012 0
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This has been out a long time and viewed over 11k times. It is an easy and fun reminder of summer in Montana. Scumliner Media shot and produced this short caddis film. Squeeky Oar Lock and Ben Hardy of Headhunters Fly Shop on a post work fish. Summertime is the best time for fishing and [...]

Flies | Brian Kuchynka
9:29 am , 01.17.2012 2

Brian Kuchynka here again on focalFISH. Last time Brian submitted a trout essay. This time, these outstanding fly images. Fly Fishing has so many different facets. Some love to fish, some love to cast, and some love to tie. Which one of these do you fall in? What I do know is shooting images of [...]

Road Trips | Montana
4:27 pm , 12.14.2011 0
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Thanks to Jeff Chaffee who submitted these cool and fishy images from his trip to the Missouri River 2011. We like Jeff’s shots because they are creative and the fun emotion is conveyed nicely. Contrived shots always look a little, well contrived. He catches a few fish too. That always makes a fishing post stronger. [...]

Fishing Faces | Montana
11:06 pm , 12.11.2011 1
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A collection of fishing faces in greater Montana. All these cats got a story. Long and tumultuous. Sold the soul to the fishing devil. It should be fine, just fine. The common dark theme with fishing guides is they all have skeletons. And, you may not want to know about some. You don’t get this [...]

Tyler Cote | Maine
6:25 pm , 12.08.2011 0
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When most anglers think of Maine thoughts tend to turn towards bait busting stripers in the surf or brook trout in cold, clear, mountain streams for those with a sweetwater disposition. In reality, the best part of Maine angling isn’t any one specific thing. Yes there are stripers and brook trout, but in between the [...]

Steelhead Country
11:15 am , 12.03.2011 1
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Erich B graced us with these photos from this fall Steelheading in Idaho. Erich lives on the Missouri River…now. He lived in the Puget Sound area for his entire life and he and his wife moved out recently to get away from all of that city bullshit. Solace from the rat race and more time [...]

6:43 pm , 11.18.2011 1
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Regular contributor Capt Gjuro Bruer submitted these images from a trout fishing trip to Arkansas.  A real surprise to us.  We didn’t know Gjuro had ever been trout fishing before. Some really neat images here, showing a little more of the geography of the area, as opposed to the grip and grin hawg shots you [...]