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Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Spots?
12:45 pm , 04.08.2013 0

Sea Fishing: The World’s Top 5 Sea Fishing Spots Sea fishing is a demanding and rewarding sport, and great for helping you master the art of angling. Anyone can try their hand at sea fishing, providing that you have the correct tackle and sea fishing equipment. James Hibbert, who was voted Best Deep Sea Fishing [...]

Western Washington | Richard Raisler
10:39 pm , 03.06.2013 0

Western Washington is famous for coastal waters that produce both Salmon and Steelhead. Eagles, moss, and lots of casting are the common facets of this game. Winter angling is not for everybody. Standing knee to chest deep in frigid Steelhead runs negotiating slippery rocks in search of a Unicorn. But, then it happens. Something, a [...]

Brian Kuchynka | A Life of Flies
11:22 pm , 02.21.2013 0

Like all fly-fisherman, winter presents that crappy time of the year when our rivers in Colorado are frozen over, the rivers that are productive are just to far out of the way, and it is #$@%$#% cold out there. So, it is time to get the boat repaired and readied for the coming year and [...]

Danny Frank | Delta Trout Force
11:02 pm , 02.21.2013 0
John Chaffee | Montana Images
8:22 pm , 02.12.2013 0

Submitted from Missouri River angler John Chaffee. Thanks John! I consider the Missouri River my home water and try to spend as much of my time there.  I enjoy being out and seeing all the different types of birds that live near the water. Also love seeing the trouts. All the fish, except for the [...]

Osprey |
1:29 am , 01.22.2013 1

Watch this. We have Ospey on the Missouri, but many of us do not get quite this close. Nice camera work from those Brits across the pond.

What Can Browns Do For You? | YGF
6:40 pm , 01.13.2013 0

A short one from Ivan on his continuing saga of GoPro videos. What Can Browns Do For You is quite entertaining. We like Ivan Orsic here on focalFISH. Check out more of his stuff here on his Vimeo site.

Robert Prince | Cutthroat
7:06 pm , 12.29.2012 0

Small Streams and Cutthroats Every year the summer and falls months are much looked to. While the big Montana Rivers are full of anglers chasing tales of giant browns and rainbows. Instead I will be spending many of my days wading the small streams. Tenkara rod in hand, drifting big dries to eager cutthroats. You [...]

Hatch | Gin Clear Media
10:06 am , 12.26.2012 0

A film documenting the world’s most extraordinary insect hatches and the fantastic fly fishing that accompanies them. The first fly fishing film to be shot on a RED One Camera. A Gin-Clear Media production. Pick up the the full legth video at your local fly fishing retailer. Check out their Vimeo site here. Happy Holidays [...]