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Awakening | Another Day in Montana Spring
11:16 pm , 03.25.2013 0
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Montana Spring Time. Awakenings. Trout, bugs, birds, anglers, the sun. Good bye snow and hello color. Color returns in the spring and we encourage it. Awakenings in both mind and spirit. Cliche? Of course, and why not. Awakenings. Another Day in Montana Spring

Mark Raisler | Montana Dreaming
1:59 pm , 01.30.2013 0
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Winter makes me think of summer. Winter temps make me cold, therefore thinking of summer. Blue skies and bugs warm my soul. Therefore, these pics help me through the winter months of snow, sleet, rain, ice, wool socks, down jackets, toques, mittens…you know the drill. So, hope this infuses some warmth into your day!  

Montana Winter | Mark Raisler
5:15 pm , 12.23.2012 0

Montana winters bring us much to cheer about. Short days with no interference from others. Long runs without any other creatures, except possibly a goldeneye paddling by. Streamer fishing can be just fantastic. The slower pace allows one to think…lots. Letting the subconscious take over and the rhythm of the cast dictate your heart rate. [...]

Fall Images | Mark Raisler
8:12 pm , 11.18.2012 0
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Images from the fall are fantastic. The fall and low angle light is really adds magic to the photos. I love this time period. Shorter days, fabulous fishing, and a time where friends, fowl, and fish keep us busy. “It’s easy to get lots of great shots in the fall,”  says Mark. “Just keep your [...]

Spring Hatches | Mark Raisler
2:19 pm , 04.06.2012 0
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Hatches are what keep fly fishermen happy. The constant perpetuation of the life cycles is an interesting deal. Lots of stages that the nymph anglers are interested in. The dry fly gang could care less about larvae, pupal imitations, and emerges…well sometimes the emergent bugs spark a smile. The real fun shit happens when the [...]

Is fly-fishing still fun?
1:57 pm , 12.20.2011 1
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Fishing is fun. Many try to make it difficult, pretentious drudgery. I for one will not let them ruin it for the rest of us. This series of fun fishing shots is testament to those who choose to make fishing part of their lives. Those who choose to use fishing a s a vehicle for [...]

3:39 pm , 12.05.2011 0
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After the high of the catch leaves us, we still have another great feeling ahead of us. The Release. Kind of a religious experience for many of us. Letting the creature return to it’s watery environment. To swim freely again while avoiding that damn fly. The fake one. Images today from Mark Raisler who guides [...]

Fall in Black & White
1:27 am , 11.28.2011 1
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Black and White is what I shoot when the colors are all wrong. Black and White seems so nice on those shitty, snowy, rainy, days without much in the way of texture. I have always loved shooting in B/W because it gives me a whole different mindset. A different reason to shoot. Sometimes the shots [...]

6:47 am , 11.22.2011 1
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Regular Focalfish contributor and creator Mark Raisler contributes these images from a recent Redfishing trip to the Biloxi Marsh in SE Louisiana.  As you can see from the pictures, there’s plenty going on besides fly fishing for Redfish in the Marsh.  Commercial fishing is a huge business in Louisiana, and when you’re launching to go [...]