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Robert Prince | Cutthroat

Small Streams and Cutthroats
Every year the summer and falls months are much looked to. While the big Montana Rivers are full of anglers chasing tales of giant browns and rainbows. Instead I will be spending many of my days wading the small streams. Tenkara rod in hand, drifting big dries to eager cutthroats.
You rarely find another person on these streams. What you do find is crystal clear water and plenty of eager fish.

There’s something about this kind of fishing that brings out the kid inside. As much as I love big trout and big rivers…I’d rather have a summer day and a crystal clear mountain stream. This is what drew me into fly fishing, and is a big reason why my life decisions have been largely based around living in trout country.
A day spent on a small stream can do wonders for your state of mind. Standing in these creeks just seems to wash the dust of life away.
When you’re here all you need is a handful of flies, a light rod, and leave the rest at home. There’s no hatches to match, and hardly a refusal to be found here.

In my book there are few things that can top catching native cutthroats. The colors of these fish can’t be matched. Everyone is uniquely beautiful.

I’m fortunate that within an hour drive of my home there are dozens of cutthroat filled streams, literally hundreds of miles of water to be explored. If you want to be nine years old again it’s worth taking a trip to one of these gems. Most of my angling life has been spent doing this, and you know what, it never gets old.

In his spare time Robert runs the fly fishing blog Bum Trout.  http://bumtrout.blogspot.com/

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