About Focalfish

Fly Fishing Images, Video & Photo Essay’s

Golden Stone by Ben BoldenMark Raisler came up with the idea for FOCALFISH as a platform for fly fishing guides to exhibit their photo’s on a daily basis.  Many fishing guides are great photographers, and some would rather be taking photos than guiding!  Very few of these talented photographers are published, and even fewer make any money from their images.  They do it because they love it.  FOCALFISH was created to give guides a place to show off the great images they take while guiding.  We encourage you to support our contributors by purchasing images from them, or hiring them to take you fishing.

Thanks for traveling along side us on this daily fly fishing image journey. See you with one foot in the water…

Send us your Photo’s!

Focalfish accepts great fly fishing photographs from anyone who’s passionate about photography and fly fishing.  We don’t care if you’re shooting a Pro level DSLR or using your iPhone.  As long as they’re great shots.  While we encourage anyone to submit images, we do edit them according to our tastes.  Here are some things that we consider when looking at reader submitted photo’s:

  • Is the picture in focus?
  • Is the image framed properly?
  • Did you send it in the right format and size?
  • How interesting is the content?
  • Did you include some descriptive text?

Post Processing
Most images are post-processed, as they should be.  Make sure and crop and adjust your image to your own tastes.  Did you overdo the saturation?  Is the exposure correct?  Remember that web images are viewed on many different monitors and can look dramitically different from computer to computer.  Web images generally look a bit better with a touch of contrast and saturation, often referred to as “puchy”.  Just don’t overdo it.  It’ll freak your Dad out when he’s looking at it on his ’97 Dell.

We prefer images to be submitted as following:

  • At least 1000px wide or tall (on the long side)
  • Cropped at 3:2 aspect
  • Landscape view is preferable
  • Titled by you

If you have any questions about how to edit or submit your images, please feel free to email us.

All images property of the indlividual photographer. None of the images associated with focalFISH are public domain and all images within cannot be used without permission of the individual photographer.

Administrator of focalFISH reserves the right to refuse any image for any reason. Just so you know. focalFISH does not acquire rights to your image, but may possess it for future use on focalFISH. Submit in w/ file size about 1mb, and either 1000 pixel width or height.